10 of the most simple and beautiful hairstyles for girls. Your daughter will appreciate!

Moms little girls sometimes face a number of problems to solve that only by wisdom, love and patience: the daughter does not like dress, something she does not want to wear the same sweater as yesterday. Today she wants long hair like Rapunzel, and tomorrow - a short cut "like Katie." If my daughter since childhood tends to look nice, and you have some free time - our article for you. Home, stocks not only the elastic bands and bows, but patience!

1. Elegant hairstyle, which is done using the 4 rubber bands and a beautiful bow. Not for physical education classes.

2. For owners of long strands. About this hairstyle she wants to Princess Jasmine!

3. 4 rubber bands, bows, a little patience - and hairstyle ready!

4. Daughters bored braids? Try to diversify weaving stylish tails on top! For physical education - the most it !

5. Romantic motifs easily recreated with the help of elastic bands 12 and combs for flat partings.

6. Spikelets - separately, tails - separately? Certainly not!

7. A variation on the theme of "KOLOSOKĀ».

8. To collect loose hair and pigtails in a rubber band? Great idea!

9. With such beautiful hair elastics looks especially stylish!

10. For those who have a lot of time. But the result is worth it!

We hope you liked our selection and tomorrow's your little one will be the most beautiful in the team! Share with your friends this article! Maybe they just come up with what the same hairstyle to make her princesses.

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