12 fiction films and cartoons summer

Not peresmotretPredlagaem you the top 12 fiction films and cartoons that go into products in Russia.

1. "Jurassic World"

Continued (but in fact - reset) classic franchises on the island with dinosaurs. In the new film Jurassic Park is functioning as intended, - it is a high-tech amusement park with tens of thousands of visitors and its own laboratory. In the laboratory, creating a new, especially dangerous dinosaur, he runs away - and the problem starts at the park. On the one hand, the "Jurassic World" - a risk for the studio Universal: shoot a great film, they have entrusted the indie director Colin Trevorrow, who had rented a fantastic comedy "Safety is not guaranteed." On the other - judging by the trailer, the filmmakers went the safe route and put pressure on nostalgia: some shots a hair's breadth repeated footage from the original film Spielberg. Most concern is the dinosaurs: it seems that the dolls from old film look better than a modern computer graphics. Nevertheless, the film is almost sure to be fun - and that in any case, one of the main attractions of the summer.

2. "Poltergeist"

A remake of the classic film of the 80s horror film "Poltergeist," produced by Steven Spielberg. By the way, as "Jurassic Park," "Poltergeist," eventually grew to a trilogy, but the other two were of little interest. The plot of the original film in the remake has remained, however, 30 years ago, it seemed fresh. The family enters the house, where he lives something otherworldly - and it's otherworldly wants to take their children; Children, meanwhile, deal with the poltergeist through the TV. By the way, from the original "Poltergeist" I took the stamp scene of horror films of the house built on an Indian cemetery. The original film, incidentally, was not so terrible, probably family - all the films, Spielberg was working on - but that's a remake of the horror is clearly trying to do. But there is Sam Rockwell.

3. «It»

By Stephen King's novel the film is irrelevant. In the original, it is called It Follows, and Russian distributors have decided to call it "It" to make the film more recognizable. This is not surprising: It Follows - the main and the most unexpected indie hit in America this year, shot a little-known director David Robert Mitchell. The film came out in limited release in March, suddenly became very successful - and in May had gone to theaters across America. It is a beautiful and clever teenage horror: the heroine for the first time sleeping with the guy becomes a victim of the curse, which is transmitted through sex - and now it pursues an entity that wants to kill her. It may sound a little silly, but American critics delighted: this is a witty film about growing up and teenage angst.

4. "Puzzle"

New cartoon studio Pixar director Pete Docter from the author of most of their tear cartoon "Monsters, Inc." and "Up." Most of the action "Puzzle" takes place in the mind of 12-year-old girl (Docter invented cartoon, watching as his daughter growing up), and the main characters - the five emotions: joy, sadness, anger, fear and disgust. All of them are made in different colors (yellow, blue, red, purple and green), and if you look closely associated with simple geometric shapes. Docter worked on the cartoon for five years, with some major changes were made to the script in the last two years. However, judging by the reaction of critics and viewers who saw the cartoon at the Cannes Film Festival - it was worth the time spent. It is also the most psychedelic (the action still takes place inside the mind, and the authors use this fact to experiment) and one of the deepest Pixar films with unexpected American cinema the idea that any emotions are important and that you can not be all the time happy. < br />
5. "Terminator: Genesis"

"Genesis" - the fifth film in the franchise Terminator, which also will not be the last, he thinks the first part of a new trilogy. In addition, after a break in the fourth film is removed again and Arnold Schwarzenegger appears CGI-model young Schwarzenegger - straight from the uncanny valley. The plot of "Genesis" completely confused: John Connor sends his assistant Kyle Reese back in time to the saving of his mother, Sarah Connor - but there is a temporary break and he falls into an alternate past where Sarah Connor prepares for Rise of the Machines Terminator, a robot T -800. It sounds very uncertain and difficult to believe in the franchise after four films and one closed the show, but there is always hope that the film will be shot madly and boldly enough to be good.

6. "Minions"

The spin-off prequel, and the animated film "Despicable Me" on the fix supervillain dedicated his assistants - small yellow minions. Minions - the most lovely and successful characters, coming out of the first two parts of "Despicable Me", so it is not surprising that they got their own movie. Separate film which explores the history of the origin of minions: it turns out, they have existed since the beginning of time and their only goal - to serve as a villain. However, foolishly minions often destroy their hosts, for example, Dracula or Genghis Khan. The action takes place in the cartoon 60s where minions met villain Overkill Scarlet, similar to the villains of the classic James Bond films. Yes, Universal trying to squeeze more money out of the young franchise - but that does not mean that it is a bad cartoon.

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