Perm region crawls under the earth: sinkhole less than one year increased by 25 times

August 30 in the "Classmates" were published photos taken from a helicopter-scale failure of the soil under the Solikamsk in the Perm region. In the pictures you can see that in the first nine months increased by the failure of a few dozen times, taking more than half of the former dacha cooperative "Klyuchiki┬╗.

Upon detection of the failure of occupied territory of about 20 by 30 meters, and a few days later it increased to 30 to 40 meters. In the second half of August, the size of the failure at the level of the earth's surface is 122 to 125.

The collapse of the soil occurred November 18, 2014 after the flooding of the mine the corporation "Uralkali". RTN Commission, examine the circumstances of the incident, and later came to the conclusion that the cause of the collapse was the earthquake that struck in 1995.. People were not injured.



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