Roman Abramovich is the most expensive house in Britain

London five-storey building, according to the billionaire, must be turned into a luxurious mansion. To do this, Abramovich bought nine apartments of the building it is "acceptable" price - over fifty million dollars.

After the restoration and construction work, house, according to some estimates, will cost approximately $ 300 million. Previously, the most expensive house considered the building for $ 140 million, acquired the steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal - the richest man in the UK.

The idea of ​​building luxury homes from Roman Abramovich appeared about five years ago. Then he started to buy an apartment in a large building in the center of London, in a place where the land is sold for gold.

The appearance of the building after the restoration will not change. But inside all take a modern and luxury look. On five floors and three underground levels will house living and dining room, swimming pool, gym and four bedrooms. Former stables adjacent to the building that has been converted into garages and rooms for servants.

The total area of ​​the house will be about 3 thousand square meters. It is about 5 times more than usual expensive mansions in London.




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