In runet three times more children than adult users

At least 90% of Russian children regularly use the Internet space, while most parents hardly monitor the activity of their children on the Web and do not even know why juvenile, users spend hours staring at a monitor.

These are the statistics that leads the Russian Foundation of the Internet. According to experts, in Russia, on the average, a child first goes online at the age of ten years. The proportion of Internet users among the adult audience does not exceed 35%. And it means that adult Russians in the online space is about three times less than children.

Approximately 80% of children of Russian Internet users see themselves as regulars social networks. Terms of Russian social networks, such as the "Classmates" and "VKontakte" allows registered users to more than six years. At the same time the world's largest social network «Facebook» takes into its ranks only 13 years old. Although in reality no one bothers to have not reached that age children to register an account, but it can subsequently be blocked when a suspicion of understating the true age.

At least one in three young social network users never closes its pages by outsiders, the majority (60% - 80%) publish personal information. For example, every fourth child puts a phone number, say experts. At the same time less than 10% of parents know that children publish contact information on the Web.

Russian online active children quite trusting and willing to actively communicate with strangers in the Internet and beyond. Juvenile users in Russia are five times more likely to occur with online strangers than their European peers, experts say.




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