15 interesting facts from the history of photography

1. The first person who was able to make a "photographic" snapshot constant, that is to consolidate the image was Joseph Niepce. The very first in the history of photography is considered to be a picture "View", dated 1826 year. Picture exposure lasted 8:00.

2. The first color photograph in Russia published in "Notes of the Russian Technical Society." She was captured by Leo Tolstoy.

3. The first rolkasseta - one of the prototypes of the modern film - which housed 12 svetochustvitelnoy sheets of paper, and, respectively, and 12 shots, weighed 15 kilograms.

4. Camaya oldest in the world the camera was sold at auction in Vienna in 2007, thus setting an absolute record and becoming the most expensive camera ever sold at auction. Rarity called "Daguerreotype of brothers Sussey» (Daguerrotype Susses Freres) was sold for nearly eight hundred thousand dollars. The starting price is 100 000 euros.

< 5. In 1878, he invented a technology that allows to fix the frame in the resulting image almost without any delay. After 3 years, an employee of the US military institute was given the task to destroy the useless donkey, and the military decided to do it with the "benefit to science" - to blow up the donkey's head and fix it quick snapshot. The detonator explosives tied to the donkey was at the same time connected to the camera shutter. The experiment was a success: The unit clearly stated time of the explosion head ass.

6. The famous photograph of Einstein with his tongue hanging was made in 1951 at a birthday party physics. Einstein gave her the leading scientific and popular programs, Howard Smith, and on the reverse side of the card has written: "You will like this gesture, because it is the whole of humanity».

7. In the first place in the Top 10 of the most expensive pictures of the world is the work of Richard Prince untitled from the series "Cowboy", pushed in 2008 for 3.401 million dollars.

8. Camera "Change symbol" was used by Soviet climbers when climbing Mount Everest in 1982; This camera is returned from the expedition in good condition and is now kept at the Polytechnic Museum in Moscow.

9. The famous American photographer Matthew B. Brady was the first person who took a picture of himself, that is. e. made a self-portrait.

10. William Thompson performed the first underwater pictures with the camera mounted on the bottom. The pictures were of very poor quality. Made near Veymonta, UK.

11. The first picture, which depicts a fully illuminated Earth, known as «The Blue Marble» («Blue Marble") and was made December 7, 1972 a team of Apollo 17. The sun was behind the Earth in While taking pictures, and the earth is completely covered.

12. The first "photo paper" was made of asphalt. More precisely, on a copper or glass plate was coated asphalt varnish.

13. for the first time to retouch photos and on request to make their "color", which was achieved by coloring in watercolor, began in 1840.

14. In earlier speed cameras central gate was low, so to shoot moving objects used valves with moving shutters. Because of this, traveling car gets photos with oval wheels. However, this is not perceived as a defect - it was believed that such images could not be better emphasize agility and speed. Later, that's why the artists of comics and cartoons often depicted with oval wheels of cars.

15. French singer during the occupation acted in POW camps in Germany, after which photographed for memory with them and the German officers. Then in Paris face cut and pasted prisoners in false documents. Piaf went to camp with repeated visits and smuggling of these passports, which some prisoners managed to escape.

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