Australian Stuart Wood typing 16 years to print all the words from 1 to 1000000

Les Stewart Mudzhimba of Australia holds the world record for the set of all the numbers from one to one million words (not numbers). He began his work in 1982 and completed this work when the printed words "one million" November 25, 1998.

It spoiled seven manual typewriters, 1000 ink ribbons, 19,890 pages, 16 years and seven months later, when he finally finished, "nine hundred ninety nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine ... One millionĀ».

When asked why he did it, because it is long and boring, Wood said that he still had nothing to do, because he - a disabled and unable to work. In addition, Les Stewart typed on a typewriter before, when he worked as an instructor for typing in the police. He liked to print, and it became his main occupation.




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