In Death Valley (USA) move rocks inexplicably

No scientist can explain the amazing things happening at the bottom of a dry lake in the southern part of the Valley of Death. Death Valley National Park USA, located in the eastern part of California. In the southern part of it is flat, flat clay plain - the bottom of the dry lake Racetrack Playa. This plain view of her widespread phenomenon, called "Valley of the moving stonesĀ» (Racetrack Playa).

The phenomenon is to move huge boulders at the bottom of a dry lake. Moreover, no one had ever seen them move. Stones crawl, as if alive, leaving a trail of dozens of meters. Clay bottom Reystrek Playa almost all the time is dry and covered with a pattern of cracks. The vegetation is absent. The only thing that disturbs the order of the pattern of soil - shallow furrows left with heavy boulders weighing up to 30 kg. One of the first hypotheses for the origin of this miracle of nature was the theory of the magnetic field. A more plausible version of the opinion was that the stones are moving because of stormy rains and associated flooding in Death Valley.

A huge step in the study of the phenomenon of the moving rocks made Professor Paul Messina (Paula Messina). Her study atmospheric and geologic processes in the Valley of Death, it became the basis for a scientific thesis. In it the scientist introduced the model of air flow at the bottom of the lake: the wind after a storm in the Valley is divided into 2 streams, which is associated with the peculiarities of the geometry of the mountains surrounding Reystrek Playa. Because of this, the stones are localized in different parts of the lake, move in different and substantially perpendicular directions. And in the center of the air flow and face twisted into a mini-tornado, causing the well to spin and stones. Despite the fact that Professor Messina studying the location of stones each year, she did not answer a number of difficult issues that would fully explain the phenomenon.




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