5 facts about the most dangerous computer viruses of today - Stuxnet

Ralph Langner, head of the independent company that provides cyber security of control systems of factories and cities, is about the most dangerous computer virus in the world. He first suggested the theory that the mysterious virus Stuxnet - a directional attack on Iran's nuclear facility in Natanz.

1. Stuxnet virus was created to solve one problem: the Western world does not want Iran to have nuclear weapons appeared. Natanz - Iran's uranium enrichment plant. If the display control system centrifuges failed, the work of the plant will rise. The problem is that such systems do not work on Windows, there is a completely different technology. Therefore, you need to infect the laptop from which engineers set up a system of controls. This is the basic idea of ​​Stuxnet.

2. We set up an experiment - the mysterious Stuxnet virus infected our office network. And then a strange thing happened: the virus worked, finding a very specific configuration of the control system. Otherwise, it just did not do anything. And then we come down to us: Stuxnet - not a simple virus. It is directed, targeted attacks. The question is - by whom? It could equally well be a powerhouse in the US or a chemical plant in Germany.

3. We raskurochili attacker code and found that Stuxnet was written by people who know the ropes, how to construct their goal. They knew the location of all the bits and bytes that are needed to hit. They are likely to know the shoe size of the operator, who was supposed to carry the virus into the system. Stuxnet - a work of art, aerobatics 15 000 lines of high quality, professional code.

4. One of the digital warheads Stuxnet was aimed at torque - a rotating part inside the centrifuge. Under the influence of the speed of the virus increases, falling, reducing Iranian engineers crazy. The second warhead to intercept the incoming data of vibration sensors and replace them with his own. Stuxnet actually deprives station automatic control of security - the system always thought that it's all right.

5. The worst thing in this whole story - using viruses like Stuxnet can attack any strategic facility. Its specificity has nothing to do with, say, uranium enrichment. This cyber weapon of XXI century, which can damage a nuclear or hydroelectric power plant, to stop the factories. In general, we are witnessing the birth of a new, very dangerous means of attack. And it is better to start preparing for it now.

Source: www.f5.ru

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