Scientists have grown a luminous dog, which can be switched on and off

Scientists continue to put amaze animal experiments. At this time, on the altar of science laid the dog, which made South Korean genetics glow in the dark.

The dog entered a special gene that is responsible for production in the body fluorescent (glowing) of the protein. It is activated immediately, but only after the animal will take a sufficient dose of the antibiotic doxycycline. Thus, the dog can be turned on and off like a lamp. After eating doxycycline Tegon weak green glow.

In total, work on the creation and experimentation Tegon took about four years. Geneticists have spent on the project 3, 2 billion won ($ 3 million). Although Tegon was born two years ago, the results of Genetics reported just the other day, because it took a long time to carry out all necessary checks.

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