Men may show signs of pregnancy

This syndrome is called couvade or sympathetic pregnancy. Couvade syndrome manifests itself in the fact that the future father is going through the same thing and his pregnant partner, nausea and weakness in the morning, increased, pica, insomnia, strange dreams, changes in mood, emotional sensitivity, breast swelling and weight gain. When a woman goes into labor, the future father is experiencing labor pains. Sometimes these labor pains are even stronger than his father than his mother.

Couvade syndrome observed in the fathers in the world. One study found that 22, 5% of expectant fathers seek medical help due to the symptoms described above. Dr. S. Freemasons and four of his colleagues write that the various features of the couvade syndrome observed in 65% of men. In their study doktorá note: the unborn father couvade syndrome manifests itself in "an unusual imagination and behavior." They suggest that this syndrome is psychosomatic in nature and is "an attempt to share with pregnant partner anxiety and pain».

Canadian researchers suggest that the reason why some men there couvade syndrome, while others do not, it may be differences in the brain. Dr. A. E. Storey and three of his colleagues write: "to encourage men to take care of your baby may play a role hormones." Doctors note that the hormone prolactin is important to care for the child. During the experiments, a group of doctors found that men with couvade syndrome produce more prolactin, when they "deeply empathize pregnant partner," meaning they "biochemically" are more likely to care for the child. The word "couvade" comes from the French word couver, meaning "to hatch eggs».



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