In Italy, almost half of men aged 18 to 40 living with their parents

Statistical data for the past year suggests that Italian men indecisive and infantile: 48% of Italians are not willing to fly away from the nest as many as 40 years. Parents overage children, this situation is not happy. For example, the Association for Consumer Protection in the Itil regularly reviews cases of eviction adult sons from parent homes.

In one such case, an elderly couple asked the associations to provide legal assistance for evictions 41-year-old son. "He has a good job and a stable income, but he does not want to move away from us. - Parents have complained - The fact that he likes his things wash and ironed, cooked food and do not need to take care of themselves. " After a lazy mother was in the hospital with a diagnosis of "psychological fatigue," his father moved to act decisively, and now "sonny" will be forcibly evicted.



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