The first Friday of October is World Smile Day

The first Friday of October is World Smile Day (meaning - a smiley face). This holiday appeared in 1999, the year dedicated to the invention and smiles - a yellow smiley face.

Smiley artist Harvey Bell invented in 1963, it was commissioned by an insurance company that had ordered the development of a logo. For the proposed Bell sign in the form of a yellow smile, he got $ 45.

Just a few months Smiley gained huge popularity: being originally printed on the badges of insurance agents, it has been copied and is depicted everywhere from matchboxes to postage stamps.

With regard to the author's smiles, he never expected to make any attempt to patent undertook his drawing and assign yourself a smiley face, on the contrary, Bell was happy that his work became world-famous, and everyone can wear a his "smileĀ».



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