A sedentary lifestyle increases the buttocks

Israeli scientists have found that sedentary work and lifestyle literally increases the size of the fifth points in humans. The longer we sit, the larger the priests have.

It appears excessive pressure on the lower part of the body when sitting or lying down frequently leads to accumulation of up to 50% more fat. This pattern can be seen in sedentary people who prefer a sedentary lifestyle and are not interested in sports. However, damage to the seat visible and people who prefer to keep myself in shape - their buttocks with time visibly increased in volume.

As established by researchers from the University of Tel Aviv, the precursors of fat cells preadipotsitnye cells complete their transformation and begin to produce more fat due to stress, that result from prolonged sitting. The researchers analyzed MRI scans of paralyzed patients who have all the time to sit or lie down. It was found that over time, the fat cells invade the muscle structure of the body.

Source: www.medikforum.ru

via factroom.ru


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