5 most amazing species of animals bred by man

Mankind is engaged in domestication and breeding of new breeds of animals for thousands of years, but it still is not enough. We want to subjugate the most recalcitrant and independent representatives of the fauna of the world and turn them into sweet and gentle animals. And science is ready to help us in this.

1. Big cat in the jungle - not only opasnaya

This is the most amazing and expensive breed of cats called "Savannah" - the home version of a wild serval - bred in the 1980s. And not just for scientific interest. The fact that the large wild cats are very popular among wealthy gentlemen. To protect against such "nature lovers" real cheetahs and leopards (and vice versa), and breeders have created this alternative - the beast seemingly formidable and dangerous, and really affectionate and outgoing.

First savanna in 1986 introduced the world to the breeder Judy Frank Bengals. It turned out as a result of cross-breeding of the male serval with domestic Siamese. And in 2001, the breed was officially recognized and registered.

The size of these cats are impressive: they reach 45 centimeters at the shoulder and weigh up to 14 kilograms. However, it all depends on whether it is from a generation; the more it by serval, so it is the largest. And the more expensive - the price of savanna varies from 7 to 23 thousand dollars.

In Savannah habits more like dogs than cats - just love to play "Sic" roam the streets on a leash and splash in the water bodies. Yes, and to train them - a pleasure.

Cat independence they also did not have. While you're at home, the shroud will go after you tail, and when come away - bored and waiting at the door. In general, a dog, and only. Is that does not bark.

2. Visit the fox: good-natured dog and independence as a koshka

The idea to domesticate the fox came up with the Soviet genetics Dmirty Belyaev in 1950. Taking the population of silver-black foxes, Belyaev and his colleagues grew several generations of animals, carefully selecting the most out of each generation smyshlёnyh and obedient. Qualified individuals were crossed with each other.

The result is a playful and friendly to human creation, in habits resembling a dog. The most curious thing that although foxes do not interbreed with any other breed, their appearance also changed significantly: there were white spots began to twist the tails and ears - to hang. Scientists explain such transformations that the process of domestication level of adrenaline in the blood of animals has decreased considerably.

Now these foxes are sold as pets. True, the fun is not cheap - in one fox will have to pay about seven thousand dollars.

3. Semi-zebra, half-pony / horse / osёl

Zebra - needless to say, very nice horse. But the man to tame it has not yet succeeded. Yes, and there is no practical need for special because her stamina is not so hot, and the character is not sugar.

Yet scientists decided to domesticate the zebra crossing, if not, then a half-zebra.

By mating males with females of other zebra horse (pony, horses or donkeys) they took a number of new species, called zebroid. When crossing a zebra and a horse turns "zors" zebra and a donkey - "Zonke", zebras and ponies - "Zoni».

These animals thrive among relatives of the Pope, and mother, only to have offspring or those of any other can not - all of these hybrids are sterile.

View these animals, of course, pretty funny, but why it took them to a conclusion - is still a big mystery. The most famous was zebroid Zonke (a hybrid of zebra and a donkey) Sir Sanderson Temple of Lancashire. All his life until his death this animal was engaged solely in order that vozilo trolley through the alleys.

4. Kama - a small flexible verblyud

This animal was the result of crossing a male and a female dromedary lama. They are distant relatives, who millions of years went their separate evolutionary path. Because of the striking differences in the growth version of the natural breeding is not considered necessary, so that the fertilization was conducted in an artificial way.

The first Kama was born in 1998 in Dubai (UAE). Scientists, by which there is a joyful event, gave the name of Rama cub. After that, the same team has contributed to the birth of three more children Cams - Camila, Jamila and Rocky.

All Cams short ears and a long tail, like a camel, and cloven hooves like a llama, and there is no hump. In addition, the mother of every one of them docile nature, and a slight increase in soft thick coat, from the Pope - strength and endurance. In general, a fairy tale, and not an animal. And most importantly, all hybrids kama proved fertile!

5. Wolf dog Sarlosa

Over breeding "domesticated wolf" breeders have worked for decades. In 1925, the breeder of the Netherlands Lander Sarlos crossed Russian wolf and German shepherd dog and then worked all his life to selecting the most robust and hardy puppy dogs and wolves interbreed. And after his death in 1969 Sarlosa experiments continued by his wife and daughter.

The result was an animal the size and appearance almost indistinguishable from a wolf - the same strong, smart and hardy, with the same pack instinct, stubborn and independent character. Even the barking of dogs, these wolves are not able to just howl at the moon sometimes. So, in essence, it's the same wolf ... one, but very important difference: the dog Sarlosa willingly recognizes human leader of his pack. So they, as a service dog simply has no equal. In the Netherlands and some other European countries these dogs are used as guide dogs, they are involved in the rescue of drowning, help pull people from the rubble, and so on. D.

However, taking a wolf dog in the house, especially with small children, experts still do not advise. Too much of it from a wild animal, you never know what ...

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