Guinness Book of Records: 7 Best New Records

Guinness World Records 2013 will be released in 22 languages ​​in more than 100 countries, and it is expected that sales will reach 2, 7 million copies. Here are the 10 most interesting new world records.

1. Highest sobaka

The most frequently asked question that Denise hears Dorlag - mistress of Zeus Great Dane, who lives in Michigan, is: "This is a dog or a horse?". Of course it is a dog, whose height measured in October 2011 amounted to 1, 12 meters from the clutches to the withers, and which can go up to 2, 2 meters, standing on its hind legs.

2. The highest number of shots in a basket, made popugaem

Is there such a category, you might say. Rather, it only appeared after the world learned about the macaws Zack from California, USA. This parrot can make 22 throws per minute into a miniature basketball hoop. Zack also boasts a vocabulary of 100 words, and he holds the world record for the highest number of cans of soda opened a parrot for 60 seconds.

3. The smallest vertolet

The smallest helicopter in the world GEN H-4, whose length of the rotor is almost 4 meters, was created by the Japanese company Gen Corporation. The weight of the helicopter, together with one seat, one of the chassis and the engine is only 70 kg, which is about as much weighs the person sitting in it. Helicopters two sets of coaxial contra-rotating propellers, which eliminates the need for a tail rotor. Just grab the canopy, as it has no windshield.

4. The biggest bitsepsy

In the Egyptian Mustafa Ismail largest biceps you've ever seen. The circumference of his left hand is 62, 2 cm in a relaxed state and is inflated to 65 cm, when he shows his muscles, that more than the average head circumference. Ismail spent 11 years of his life, training to 6 times a week and eating 6 times a day to build up your biceps themselves.

5. The largest number of piercings on litse

Axel Rosales from Argentina set a record for the largest number of piercings on his face - 280 in February 2012. Just imagine how much it weighs.

6. The largest collection tufel

Darlene Flinniz California boasts a collection of 15,665 items of footwear that she was collecting for 12 years after the divorce. The collection includes a variety of footwear, including shoes, and even the glass works of art in the form of shoes. The cost of collection - more than half a million dollars.

7. Highest haircut "Mohicans"

Japanese Katsuhiro Watanabe holds the highest hairstyles "Mohicans", which reaches a height of 113, 5 cm. To grow a tuft Katsura took 15 years, but in order that he stood proudly under the pressure of the environment require about 2 hours stylists, three bottle of hairspray and one jar of gel.



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