There is an island that does not exist

... So it would be better to say "there". Most geographers dreams of finding unknown lands, and Australian scientists made the discovery of the opposite - they found that the uncharted island in the Coral Sea does not exist.

Members of the expedition for the study of the ocean floor in the area of ​​New Caledonia decided to swim to the island Sandy, who, according to a number of cards, was close to their route. However, getting to the place, no island they found.

According to the head of research Mary Seton, the navigation map shows the depth of 1, 4 ths. Meters in the place where scientific maps and Google Earth have reported the existence of the island. "This error is distributed through a database on the shoreline of the world, on the basis of which do a lot of cards," - says Seton. Experts have begun collecting data on the seabed for submission to the authorities to correct inaccuracies.

"Lost" island appeared in the scientific literature at least since 2000, but the French government on the cards he is not designated (New Caledonia - French overseas territories).



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