Teens who have smart phones, more sex

A new study found that teens who have smart phones and access to the Internet, twice as likely to have sex with strangers, whom he met online. They are also likely to be increased to more sexually active. The results were the same when the researchers took into account all factors that could certainly cause risky sexual behavior, such as age, gender and sexual orientation. That is the conclusion reached by experts from the University of Southern California.

Of course, not to say that smart phones directly affect the risky sexual behavior of teenagers, but they are largely simplify the organization of online dating and the subsequent sexual contact. Smartphones can be called a kind of tool for sex. Currently adolescents have access to the Internet around the clock. So, you need to discuss with their children risk sex online. And to do it must surely parents.

The study involved nearly 1,840 high school students in Los Angeles. About a third said that they own a smartphone, 5% have used the Internet to find sexual partners, and 17 percent said they were close to a sexual relationship after meeting online. 47% of smartphone owners teenagers have admitted that they were sexually active, compared with 35% who do not have such phones. It turns out that the new technologies are potentially corrupting the youth.

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