Female male brain works more efficiently in spite of the fact that a smaller volume

This conclusion neuroscientists from the University of California and Madrid. The focus of the scientists at this time was the hippocampus - a brain region responsible for memory and emotion. In men, this area is larger than that of women, respectively, the number of neurons in it above, and is traditionally believed that this means more outstanding mental abilities.

However, the smaller the size of the hippocampus at the woman, the more effective it is using it, because in a small space much closer neural connections. According to the research, any task that requires mental effort, women spend less energy than spend in solving a similar problem man. In other words, the smaller the size of the female brain has an advantage - a more complex brain structure. Such differences between men and women - a direct consequence of evolution.

In women, the amount of species homo sapiens skull less than men, so the brain had to develop to the desired at this stage of the evolutionary level by complexity of the structure of the brain, such as deepening of gyri and increase their number. Gray matter in the brains of women 20% increase in comparison with the brain of a man, and the neurons are closer - according to many experts, this means a closer link between neurons and, as a result, potentially the best ability to think.

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