Gorilla Koko asked to birthday cat

Coco - a gorilla mastered sign language: the coach taught her to understand more than 1000 words in English. But it also has another unique feature - a gorilla showed quite human affection for cats. The first private domestic cat appeared at Koko in 1985, when she specifically asked for it as a birthday present.

She even allowed itself to choose a kitten from the litter - pet Coco became gray breed Manx kitten, which she named Ball. Tender affection Coco to the ball and her care for him - an amazing phenomenon as early primates did not show affection to other animals and especially not kept them as pets, but coaches Coco, for a long time working with it, such behavior gorilla was not surprised. < br />

Unfortunately, a year later the ball was killed under the wheels of the car, exploring the world outside the cage of his mistress - Coco is very grieved and managed to put it into sign language, which once again demonstrated the depth of her emotional connection with a kitten. The following year, Coco's birthday got two more kittens, which she called Lipstick and Smoke.

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