Sweden is the largest model of the solar system in the world

The Planetarium is located in the largest hemispherical building mira4afaf9538f.jpg

Globen Arena - a building in Stockholm, is the largest building in the world, having the shape of a hemisphere. Also, the building is a sun in the world's largest permanent model of the solar system. "The inner planets," the closest to the Sun, is also located in Stockholm, and the other "planets" are scattered all over Sweden.


Scale models - 1:20 000 000. In it included all the planets of the solar system and some of its moons, dwarf planets, and a number of other celestial bodies such as asteroids and comets.

"Outer planets" are located in the cities along the coast of the Baltic Sea. For example, "Saturn" is the observatory in Uppsala, "Neptune" - in Soderhamn, and the model of Pluto just 12 cm in diameter located in the town of delsbo 300 km from the Globen Arena.

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