10 507 times without a break - a world record for push-ups

A daily record of 46,000 raz

Push-ups - a basic exercise used in civilian athletic training, as they are part of the normal military physical training. In addition, push-ups are often used as a form of punishment in the military and sports schools, and some schools of martial arts.

The first record for push-ups, caught in the "Guinness Book of Records", owned by Charles Linster: October 5, 1965, he managed to push-ups without interruption 6006 times.

Next record established Japanese Minoru Yoshida in October 1980, wring out 10,507 times without stopping. This record was the last in its category for non-stop pushups, published in the "Guinness Book of RecordsĀ».

Since then introduced a new category of "The largest number of push-ups in 24 hours," in which the world record belongs to Utilities, Charles, in 1993, a total of 21 hours 6 minutes wring 46,001 times.

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