Scientists created cheese on sourdough from bacteria to human feet, navel and armpits

Would you like to try these delicious varieties?

Everyone knows that the aroma of some cheeses like the smell of dirty feet. However, this was not enough specialists, and they decided to add real cheese bacteria taken from the human body.

Researcher Christine Agapakis and expert on flavors Sissel Tolaas created a total of 11 varieties of cheese, each of which has a specific sharp odor. His unique series Agapakis Tolaas and presented in Dublin as part of the exhibition devoted to synthetic biology.

According to Christina, varieties are unique "fingerprints" of the microbial landscape of different people. For the project were selected samples of bacteria from the feet, navel and armpits anthropologists, several other scientists, artists and cheesemakers, based on them they were created leaven, which served as the raw material for the cheese. "Despite the obvious chemical and biological similarities, each variety of cheese, as well as the legs of each person has a unique smell," - says the researcher.

Agapakis Tolaas and directed a short film, which includes a description of the process of cheese making and interviews with people whose bacteria were the basis for the odors. The creators of the fermented milk product of an exotic state that the cheese is made in the first place is not for human consumption, and to remind people of the careless attitude to microorganisms living in us.



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