The student has invented a T-shirt, which is impossible to get dirty

It does not leave stains even cola, ketchup and vino

If you are clumsy and always something to spill over or just a little lazy and do not like to wash the clothes, the enterprising student found a way to solve your problem - he created a T-shirt that can not be dirty. This garment can withstand any liquids, including Coca-Cola, ketchup, mustard, milkshake, beer, ink and even red wine.

T-shirt made of polyester with the addition of chemicals to make clothes resistant to liquids. Despite these features, in the rest of t-shirts are no different from any other clothing on the shelves.

Student Patel in San Francisco created the first prototype using a chemical sprayer, but realized that he would stay only until the first wash. Then he began looking for a way to embed the chemicals directly into the fabric. As a result, it has created a tissue where the molecules are associated with nanotechnology at the microscopic level - this means that they will not irritate the skin.

Most of the molecules of the liquid will not be able to touch the tissue due to microscopic air layer formed between the liquid and the fabric, since the fabric has fibers with billions of particles of silica - water-based fluid immediately repelled from the fabric.

After testing his invention, the student created a page on the "Kick", which gave details about his invention. Now he has collected $ 20 thousand more than needed initially. It is expected that the T-shirts will be available via the Internet in May and will cost around £ 30.

However, there are certain rules of operation for T-shirts: the washing machine, do not use fabric softener or bleach, and they can not be ironed.



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