Only in the human brain there is an area that can calculate different options

"What if? .."

From monkeys people distinguish frontal pole of the prefrontal cortex - the area of ​​the brain the size of a walnut is directly responsible for human multitasking, including the ability to wonder, "What if? ..". Scan shows that in the brain, such as macaques nothing like.

The researchers did brain scans of 25 men and women with the help of MRI, the same procedures were and monkeys. Then, brain scans of people and monkeys were compared with each other. 11 of the 12 regions of the brain were similar, but there were no monkeys lateral prefrontal cortex of the frontal pole, despite the fact that these monkeys - the closest relatives of man.

Differences between the brain and the monkey man observed before, but this difference can be called special, since the side frontal poles are responsible for thinking and behavior. Rather, they are part of the brain is not.

The lateral prefrontal cortex frontal poles are in the very front of the brain, just above the eyebrows - one above each eyebrow. In some people, these areas are not more than a walnut, others - the size of a tangerine.

Previous studies have shown that this region is particularly important for decision-making and multi-tasking, as well as for planning. For example, if we decided to act, the lateral frontal pole will automatically evaluate other options or think about what might have been if I had not ...

A tiny area of ​​the brain also helps us to learn, to watch other people's errors, speeding up new skills.



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