The principle of "sufficient similarity" helps to see meaningful coincidence literally around

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So, you want to find a psychic and spent by candidates with the honorary title of the test, but unfortunately, the test did not reveal one hundred percent of psychics. What can be done? Reduce demand by the principle of "sufficiently similar».

An example of this principle can serve as the assassination of President Lincoln and Kennedy, who inspire lovers of conspiracy theories, because they have a lot of "sufficiently similar" coincidences. On the Internet you can find entire websites dedicated to the subject, but never complete without one point: "Oswald fired from the library, and ran to the theater, and Booth shot from the theater and ran to the library».

Perhaps someone in the end, and noticed that the Texas Book Depository was not a library, but rather a warehouse of textbooks, but this only increased the resemblance. Oswald ran from a warehouse and was caught in a theater. John Wilkes Booth escaped from the theater and where only then did not hide - in homes, cars, forest, and arrested him at the moment. Well, a stretch that can truly be called a barn warehouse.

It's not even that story something similar. The fact that this similarity is very easy to refute, but people do not want to think critically, if the theory they like. Another well-known "quite similar" coincidence happened during a psychological test.

It was a test with cards - a potential critic had to look at them, and psychics had to guess them. None of the psychics could not guess all the cards, but someone guessed more, and some - less cards. That is logical: the test is passed a lot of people. Those who fared better recognized psychics. What if check again? Not a bit of it - this one for some reason does not.

And if a person suddenly guesses almost all the cards at once recognized psychic without any "buts". Psychic Is he really? Let's just say - "quite like».



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