Your partner with posture during sleep can tell a lot about your relationship

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Love in the night close to cuddle up to your partner? Or wake up on the other side of the bed facing the wall? A new study shows that the position in which we sleep, says a lot about our relationship - in particular, about their strength.

Partners who sleep at a distance of not more than 30 cm apart, likely much happier together than those who moved away from each other on. In addition, a pair of retaining during sleep physical contact, happier than those who are to each other not touching.

Psychiatrist Samuel Dankell believes pose a dream says a lot about a person's character. Those who sleep in the "fetal position", most likely, indecisive, timid and sensitive to criticism. Fans pose "hemi" (with slightly bent arms and legs) accommodating easier to come to a compromise and are unlikely to be too strict in his judgments.

People who sleep in the "royal pose" (on the back and right) tend to believe dug love to learn new things and seek the thrill. Those who sleep on their backs, are prone to rigidity and perfectionism.

The study showed that 42% of couples are sleeping back to back, 31% - on the same side, and only 4% - facing each other. Those couples who sleep face each other, and thus also in contact, usually happier than those who sleep on the same side or back to back.

Of those together is not touched, the highest number of happy couples, too, sleeping face to face.



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