10 phenomena that could overwhelm the human senses

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Each of us has five basic senses, providing a link with the outside world. The sense of smell, touch, sight, taste and hearing are similar to the ship's navigational equipment, which helps the brain-navigator steer the human body in a stormy sea of ​​life. Sometimes people are faced with signals that are outside of their modest possibilities sensors that confusing and changing ideas about a variety of sounds, tastes and smells. We offer you the most interesting phenomena that reduce the sensory mind.

1. Louder thousands of nuclear bomb

30 June 1908 at the Stony Tunguska River (modern Krasnoyarsk Territory) explosion, the causes of which are still arguing scientists. According to the most common version, the explosion occurred due to the fall of a celestial body and although conclusive evidence of this theory is to produce specialists failed, the event was called Tunguska Event, or Tunguska meteorite. Scientists say that the Tunguska phenomenon was the loudest of the famous events in the history of humanity planet.

Presumably, the meteor exploded at a height of 5 to 10 km, the strength of the shock wave, according to experts, is not less than 5 on the Richter scale - on the territory of more than 2 thousand km ^ 2 explosion tumbled down about 80 million trees. Fortunately, the area where the event occurred, almost uninhabited, so there were no casualties. It is terrible to imagine what would be the consequences if a meteorite tore, say, over the Krasnoyarsk.

Scientists estimate that the Tunguska phenomenon is similar to the volume of its bombings ranging from 10 to 15 megatons of TNT, that is, the explosion in the vicinity of Stony Tunguska was, at least a thousand times more powerful than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

2. Acute and more ostreeEsli you love spicy food, and almost every dish add a bunch of burning spices, you will surely enjoy the fruit of many years of work on behalf of the American farmer Ed Curry. How assures American, he was able to bring the world's most acute grade chilli.

Until recently it was considered the most hot pepper variety Trinidad Scorpion, which grows on the island of Trinidad, which is located in the Caribbean Sea to the north of the coast of Venezuela. On a scale of Scoville pungency sharpness Trinidad Scorpion is estimated at 1,463,700 units, but the industrious Ed derived varieties, the figure is even higher - an average of 1,569,300 units, and in some cases - up to 2 200 000 units. For comparison - the usual pungency of chili peppers Scoville is about 8 thousand units. According to some estimates, currently works on cultivating even more acute varieties of chili peppers.

3. Aromas SumatryEsli during a trip to the island of Sumatra, you suddenly smell the decaying corpse, do not rush to call the police - probably so exquisite flavor comes from one of the species of exotic flowers Rafflésia arnóldii. Rafflesia Arnold, received the nickname "corpse lily," it is found only on the islands of Sumatra and Kalimantan.

Of course, nature has endowed knowingly Rafflesia Arnold as a specific smell - disgusting stench helps pollinate plants, attracting a variety of insects. The smell comes from reddish branched "antennae" flower, located inside the bud. By the way, Rafflésia arnóldii known not only for its distinctive fragrance, flowers of this plant - one of the biggest in the world, the buds grow up to one meter in diameter, and its weight up to eight kilograms.

Rafflesia Arnold is one of three flower symbols of Indonesia, due to reduced number of species the government included it in the list of state protected plants. According to experts, flowering Rafflésia arnóldii are an unforgettable sight, but you can admire them only stronger holding his nose.

4. Texas slaughter lazerom

Hopefully, Texas petawatt laser never fall into the wrong hands like Dr. Evil, who dream to destroy the planet with people. Located in the University of Texas plant is capable of generating laser pulses of more than 1 Pvt - is 2 thousand times larger than the total capacity of all power plants in the United States. Being the most powerful in the world, Texas laser also emits the brightest light known to man. The brightness of the laser pulses is much higher brightness of the sun, but their duration is extremely low - about 0, 0000000000001 seconds.

According to one member of the University, with the help of a huge power laser scientists study the behavior of various substances and materials under extreme heat and pressure of several billions of atmospheres. The installation also allows you to organize small supernovae and create tiny stars, which provides professionals the opportunity to learn interesting astronomical phenomena, without leaving the lab.

5. Bar for akrobatov

If you ever happen to visit the town of Oakland (California), do not miss the opportunity to look at a nice restaurant, which served as the inspiration for Jack London, when he wrote the novel "Call of the Wild" and "Sea Wolf».

Saloon "First and the Last Chance", which opened in 1880, located in the square named after the famous writer, who whiled away the time in the "chance" of the evening. The bar is known for its unique atmosphere, but its main attraction - the sloping floor. Favorite regulars entertainment places - watch as visitors try to newcomers with the order to get to the table: to walk through the saloon, without losing steak and not spill a drop of whiskey, it requires a certain skill and some acrobatic skills.

The institution has got its "chip" after the strong earthquake that struck in 1906. The epicenter of the disaster was not far from San Francisco, but its echoes reached and Oakland, causing part of the piles, which erected a saloon, subsided. The bar even has a clock that still tells the time when the earthquake came to town - 5 hours 18 minutes in the morning.

6. Jazz variatsii

American saxophonist Kenny G - one of the most successful and popular musicians of our time. In addition to the millions of album sales, possession of "Grammy" awards and several other prestigious awards in music, Kenny boasts original musical record - in 1997, he was able to play the world's longest note (we are talking about the absolute length).

Using the technique of circular breathing sax player for 45 minutes and 47 seconds is continuously removed from his instrument melody in the key of E-flat. I must say, his record did not last three years - in February 2000, the musician Baths Bёrchfild reproduced tune lasting 47 minutes, 6 seconds.

7. "Magic" Room Julian HoberaInstallyatsii contemporary artists are often very remote relation to the art and the work of Julian Hober no exception - his work looks more like a psychological experiment, showing features of human perception.

The installation, which appeared in 2012, the year in one of the New York art galleries is a room with a sloped ceiling and the floor, objects in it are arranged in such a way that those in "object art" people experience dizziness and significant difficulties in spatial orientation. Even after a short stay in the "curve" human coordinate the room for some time changing because distorted whim layout artist enters the vestibular apparatus misleading. The effect is so pronounced that the management of the gallery introduced a strict ban on visiting the installation "on the fly" - a room without alcohol gives people a lot of unusual sensations.

8. How disgusting it is your Swedish ryba

Sweden - a country for gourmets, more for people who have very strange ideas about delicious food. There are very fond of the dish with the speaker called surströmming (Swede. Surströmming), «fragrance" which may cause a gag reflex in people who are not familiar with Swedish cuisine.

Surströmming - not that other, as herring, which for several months fermented in barrels that it has acquired a specific flavor and bouquet is full of fermentation products, including - butyric acid and hydrogen sulfide. Then roll the fish in cans, where the fermentation process continues for some time. The result is a delicacy with a sour, but surprisingly gentle, according to connoisseurs surströmming, taste and characteristic pungent smell rancid. Product quality is determined bloatedness banks - the noticeable bulge, the more seasoned fish considered. Some fans of the original dishes argue that prepared according to the rules surströmming smells so that its flavor can be felt even without opening the jar.

Surströmming usually served with potatoes, bread, onions and sour cream, as it is used as a snack with beer or schnapps.

9. Hill entered into a dispute with gravitatsiey

One of the most interesting attractions of India - the so-called Magnetic Hill, located 30 km from the town of Leh. To understand what his feature, you need to get to the hill by car, stop the car on the road section, marked with white paint and then turn neutral - then remain to be seen. The vehicle will roll down the slope, but at the same time you have the impression that he was going up the hill.

It was once thought that the unusual phenomenon is caused by the electromagnetic field - the crews of aircraft flying over the hill even tried to climb to "increased magnetism" does not cause harmful interference to radio communications. Later, scientists found out that the blame for the specific terrain which creates the illusion of movement to the top of the hill.

10. The following nekuda

According to the American vocal Tim Storms envy of any opera singer - according to the Guinness Book of Records, the man not only has the widest range of voices in the world among men, but it can make a sound frequency of 0, 18 Hertz, which is not accessible to the human ear. Taken them "salt" - the lowest of music ever to reproduce the vocal cords homo sapiens.

According to Tim, he and his audience does not know the sound of the lower limit of the range of his voice, but it feels when singing closer to ultra-low frequencies. During the medical examination Storms experts found the explanation of his amazing voice - vocal cords Americans about twice as long as usual.

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