Cafe, where the price depends on civility visitors

The phrase "Good morning, my coffee, please," will save a dollar

Cafe «Seven Mile Beach Kiosk» in the Australian town of Jarrow, New South Wales, visitors are treated to not only a good coffee, but also taught lessons of courtesy. To emphasize the importance of kindness and courtesy, owners cafes literally asking people different prices for the coffee. The price depends on how they will order.

In order not to confuse the visitors put the hosts in front of a cafe board detailing prices. For example, a "Coffee" will cost $ 5.00. The phrase "Coffee, please," lowers the price to $ 4.50. And "Good morning, my coffee, please" will significantly save - you will be charged exactly $ 4, 00.

The new rule operates only two months, and so far everything is going well. Hosts Cafe Kev Chilver and his wife Kylie Pickett said they wanted to remind people about the importance of good manners. Reduce the price of coffee for politeness, they decided after one of the employees saw an ad like that in another shop. Since then, at the entrance to the cafe is a board with prices, and visitors often make an effort to get a nice discount.

"Politeness is found less and less, and we are trying to bring it back - said Chilver. - We work in the service sector, but we deserve as much respect as everyone else. "Please" and "thank you" before you open any door ».



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