In view of these conventional photography, conceals Incredibly Horrible Histories!

This photo was taken in the 19th century. Do you know why the faces of people in the photos at the time were so dull? This is because the pictures were made for several hours, during which a person had to stand still. Naturally, that is absolutely not a person can not move, so this is a little and they greased. But look at the girl in the middle. Why is she such a clear face? Because she had died the day before the photos, but it decided to immortalize in portrete.

Tyler Hadley. This ordinary-looking guy killed both of his parents in Florida. He spent 3 hours cleaning blood and hiding her body before invited friends to a party in his home, during which, and made this fotografiyu.

The cult of the "Gates of Paradise". This photograph shows members of the cult, who were convinced of their leader that the world is coming to an end and they want to commit suicide, so that they could be transported to any space korabl.

The bombing of Omagh. Father holding little girl on his shoulders, photographed against the backdrop of a city street. The frame also has got a machine that will explode after a few minutes after that and claim the lives of 29 people.

The little boy of two in this photo - it's James Bulgar, which recorded surveillance cameras. He was kidnapped and murdered by two ten-year boy. Later, they were caught and they became the youngest convicted murderers 20 veke.

Travis Alexander. This picture was taken Girl Travis. Perhaps it is common to look at the photo, but after a couple of seconds, she stabbed him pulyu.

Cool photo. It seems to be nothing special. But look closely at the two guys in the top left corner that poked imaginary pistols at the camera. This is Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. Those most famous killer of the Columbia school that killed 13 people and wounded 21.

Clown "Pogo." Yes, of course, to look at it is not the most cheerful clown, I would say even repulsive. But in reality things are much worse. This serial maniac murderer John Wayne Gracie. During the day he worked as a clown, but at night ... killed in total he has killed more than 30 muzhchin.

John Lennon signed an autograph one of his fans, whose name Mark David Chapman. Chapman kill Lennon after a vremya.



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