20+ amazing things you can see only in Japan!

Japan has always been considered a unique place that combines unsurpassed beauty of nature, technology, and most importantly, crazy and strange ideas that Japanese are introducing into their lives. Also a great contribution to the extraordinary ingenuity of people in Japan have adverse geographical and environmental conditions in which the people of this country are forced to live. But sometimes, their creative mind in combination with technical progress, go too far and are born into the world strange and even shocking innovation, which is not always possible to understand the inhabitants of the Western world. If you are planning to visit this amazing country, you can actually see these and many other crazy things that can be found only in Japan.

Parking transformers. In a limited space the Japanese had to resort to various tricks to his ekonomii

Slippers toilet. The Japanese are famous for their strict habits with regards to health, it is not surprising that they have toilet slippers, which are used to minimize contact between the unclean floor clean toilets and floors rest of the house.

Capsule Hotel

The island masks

Electronic toilet seats

Mega-parking for bicycles

Beer for the Blind
Cushion for single women

Cushion for single men

Kit-Kat with a variety of flavors

Forest suicides

escalators for the lazy

Endless bubbles. Many people just love to burst the bubbles from the air, but like all good things, they will sooner or later come to an end. But the Japanese have invented something like the endless bubbles are blown away and never run out. That's what I understand! Wrap me two!


Fancy vending machines

Equipment for cleaning ears

Fake fangs
ice cream flavored octopus and netolko. all at least roughly familiar with Japanese cuisine, but there are some things that would have left dumbfounded residents of the western world. We are talking about ice cream flavored horse meat, octopus, cactus and other delicacies

Support for sleep in the subway

Japanese whiskey
Sleep in the office

Pug for microwave

in elevators Girls




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