These parents know trolls Your Kids

Parenting is a tough job, but communication with children should never be difficult. If you are experiencing this problem, learn from these resourceful parents who know how to fool around with your kids. Their humor may seem to someone strange, but they know how funny troll their children so as to entertain yourself, amuse children, and famous throughout the world.

When I went to college, my father told me that my room will get our dog. Shortly after my county, he sent me this ...

My friend went to Disneyland and took this picture there. Later, his parents made an adequate response

I love my parents, because even after 40 years of marriage, they still know how to put their children in an awkward position

Parents have risen since that happened, "Museum zadnitsy"

As a child, my parents told me and my brother, we had another brother who became a mushroom, because he did not wash. They even added his photo in the family album

When close to the place where my parents live, the killer fled, I asked if they had everything in order. Their response:

My parents sent me in the mail ... Self

He found his parents. I laugh or cry?

"The birth of Matthew" crossed out and written "ghost hunters 2"

Dad my friend mocked him, parodied his photo with Facebook

My boyfriend moved out from her parents a year ago. His photographs have been replaced by those

Mom said no other photo frames

Mom found a "vase" son

When I asked for his father's $ 10 for gasoline, he said: "Of course, take the money in the top left drawer of my desk"

My uncle made a crib in the style of the movie Jaws for his 2-month-old nephew 90,341,172

After studying for daughters

The inscription on the back: "Ask my girls, they still believe that wearing shorts is" soooo cute "!!"

Kids do not even know that their gamepads are not connected

My parents think it's very funny

The level of education - expert

"Our T-reconciliation"

My parents painted the house while I was away. Guess what my room?

DORK - "moron"

I told my mom that I need ordinary black T-shirt, and she came home with this ...

My friend's mom made us a birthday cake


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