How to change the standard of female figures in 100 years

We invite you to see what has changed the concept of "beautiful woman" in the last hundred years.

1910: Girls Gibsona

The ideal of feminine beauty created by the American illustrator Charles Gibson at the turn of the XIX and XX centuries. Women race rushed to copy the distinctive feature of this image: unmatched womanly figure, like a figure 8, which is achieved due to extremely tighten the corset.

1920: Fleppery

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After World War I came the era of adolescent girls: short stature, flat chest. The waistline has moved almost a dozen centimeters below the navel, so small hips have become a necessity. Women gained the right to vote, and they wanted to emphasize their independence and appearance.

1930: Smooth izgiby

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"Flat-chested" image, so popular in the 20s, gave way a little bit, but apparently the bust. Dolores del Rio was named "the best figure in Hollywood", and magazines sang soft roundness of her body.

1940: Sila

The Second World War brought into fashion "soldiers' shoulders (broad, square, aggressive). The world of fashion has become a rule of angular forms. Women had to be healthy and able to work, which means strong and powerful.

1950: Hourglass

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In 50th in vogue once again include round, lush, soft forms. Everything, down to the posters, ridiculed thin women and strongly encouraged them to gain weight in order to obtain the desired roundness of the body. Ideals of feminine beauty were Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe.

1960: Trostinki

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Swinging 60s rocked the fashion pendulum back. Skinny again in the trend. Model Twiggy turned the world - an unnaturally slim petite girl. As the era of the mass fad diets and slimming.

1970: Skin and kosti

This decade was a time of crazy partying. A girl with these parties are required to maintain the shape with thin thighs and flat stomach to go into fashionable clothes at the time. Overall image hudyshki was still dominant, but gradually began to return to the roundness.

1980: Supermodel

80 marked the beginning of an era of fitness. For the first time the muscles in the woman became not only acceptable phenomenon, but even desirable. Supermodel with the appearance of the Amazon took the podium. Tall and leggy became the new ideal of feminine beauty.

1990: Homeless

In the late 20th century, was born style of unisex fashion comes to the painful thinness and untidy clothes: sweater two sizes larger jeans torn at the knees. Sex Symbols of this period - Kate Moss, Winona Ryder - thin, low, without the expressed roundness.

2000s: Sports

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Supermodel Gisele Bundchen reintroduced into fashion feminine sexuality, and finally completed the era of "heroin chic". Gone are the pale, emaciated, with glass eyes face 90. It is a time of strong and sexy, era-drawn press and tanning.

And now all the rage a flat stomach, lush wide hips.

Ideals are ambiguous and variable. So stay themselves, and do not chase fashion!


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