What does your posture during sleep? 10 photos, which will help you to sort out their relationship.

When you find yourself in the arms of Morpheus, you cease to control your body. Therefore, there is a type of analysis that can tell us about your relationship with your partner, respectively, with poses that you take in a dream. If you can learn to control their gestures, facial expressions and speech, the sleep control is not possible. Pose, which basically sleeping person directly says about his character and lifestyle.

1. In the first posture sleeping couples who long lined the relationship. It symbolizes stability. Both partners had a bad experience relations. Now that happiness in their hands, they are afraid of losing it.

2. This pair unites a strong relationship, but they spend a lot of time apart from each other. It can work for 12 hours a day, and every day she made with her friends. Or vice versa. But they both know that the partner you need to appreciate the way he has.

3. This position partners accept that combined a strong bond, but they have quite different characters. He can not love the noisy companies, but it is - read the book alone. But, despite the difference in temperament, is a strong relationship.

4. Love this pair is obvious. But their different views of the world are questioning the future of these relations. If you are sleeping in this position the couple, it demonstrates their protection from the outside world.

5. A pair of sleeping in this position, ready to live in perfect harmony with each other. They accept each other with all faults and do not try to change them. Everyone has full rights.

6. The couple quarrel, which, most likely, was played in the afternoon. They lie apart like warm love could disturb their peace. Perhaps the quarrel between the partners and delayed starts to form an abyss of misunderstanding.

7. This pair ruled passion. But even they share a common vision and common goals, as their head turned to one side. This alliance reigns understanding on an intellectual level. A couple may be happy and in love, and in the joint business.

8. The couple need independence. Though they are afraid of intimacy, they still need support. These partners are afraid to become attached to each other in an attempt to protect themselves.

9. This is a very strong alliance, but the couple has done this for a very long and difficult road. Everyone saves their personal space and respect for the feelings of the partner. To maintain the relationship they may sacrifice a lot.

10. So sleep couples with similar characters. They may even look to be very similar. They feel safe next to each other. Note that they must necessarily be physical contact.

Through this analysis poses that take couples in a dream, you can learn more about your relationship with your loved one. This can be quite useful and informative. Find out what position you sleep, you can start working on improving your union.

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