Tools beauty of wrinkles, which can be bought in a regular pharmacy.

It turns out that some of the tools that can be cheaply bought at the pharmacy, have a more powerful effect than the expensive creams! If you're used to taking care of your skin and want to do it the most reasonable, these tips will help you. Carefully read carefully and choose the tool that is right for your skin, because in such an important issue all individually.

1. The complex of vitamins A and E
Pumps complex on the skin around the eyes morning and evening. A good effect is the use for two weeks, then a break for a month. These vitamins should be added to the face mask and take 1 capsule 10 days (break for a month) - useful to improve the complexion, the condition of hair and nails.

2. Retinoic ointment
It is a synthetic analogue of vitamin A, and appointed himself against acne. But the ointment can be used as a cream for the rejuvenation and prevention of aging, it improves the skin and reduces redness.

3. Non-standard use of creams and suppositories for hemorrhoids
These medicines prevent the appearance of wrinkles. They can smooth out the cosmetic use of even deep wrinkles. The key is that they contain shark liver oil and other substance, sealing and regenerating tissue. They also relieve skin from swelling. Apply the recommended way: the candle from hemorrhoids softened in a water bath and put on the skin under the eyes can be on the whole face. This beauty secret used even Hollywood stars to freshen the face and remove dark circles under the eyes after a sleepless night.

4.Vetnamskaya "Zvezdochka┬╗
Excellent tightens the skin. The effect is visible almost immediately due to the impact of multiple components. Menthol and camphor oil, formic acid, clove oil, eucalyptus, peppermint, cinnamon extract, rose hips and jelly - this is the balsam. If you use the balm is necessary to avoid the eye area.

5. Scrub aspirin
It is used for cleaning and renovation. When soaking (literally a drop) granulated aspirin, it is necessary to add 1 teaspoon of honey and stir. Nannesi mixture on your face for 10 minutes and massage like scrub, then thoroughly wash away. This weekly mask will align the skin and remove any redness.

6. Zinc ointment
It is applied to the entire surface of a thin layer of aged skin. However, consider that zinc is very dry skin, so after the procedure, be sure to apply a moisturizer, especially carefully - around the mouth and under the eyes, which often and wrinkles.

7. Hydrocortisone ointment
This feature eliminates the well "crow's feet". Ointment retains moisture in the skin, and this is due to the effect of reducing wrinkles. What is the secret: the wrinkles is not going away, just create a small swelling, which they and "stretches". Similarly, operate and expensive anti-aging cosmetics.

Let you always blooming! Use these tips and you will see that the problems that previously seemed intractable, go under the influence of normal pharmacy resources. Share with your girlfriends this useful article about beauty.

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