20 tips on how to preserve the freshness of food. Do not transfer product - is an art!

Such a case can be observed in every home. Buy fresh vegetables, fruits and more. After some time, the bananas turn brown, strawberry turns to mush, and lettuce appetizing lose their crunch. Without much cost one can extend the freshness and preserve their taste. How do you read more.

1. Place the onions in nylon stockings, tying the knot after each bulb. Then hang the "garland". Just like that!

2. overripe bananas in any case do not throw in the trash! They have a remarkable way of softness will give your baked goods and sweets. Obaldeesh as delicious!

3. Staple avocados are saved with the half onion, and thus enjoy the taste of favorite foods for longer!

4. Do you want to bananas stay fresh longer? Just wrap them with cling film tips, as shown in the photos.

5. Cornflakes will not stick together, if you store them in the freezer. Unbelievable, right?

6. Up to 5 weeks, you'll be able to store celery, if you put it in the fridge, after wrapping it all in aluminum foil. Crispy fresh celery - delicious and, most importantly, useful!

7. In order not to chicken, quail, etc. Eggs temperature changes as a result of opening and closing the refrigerator, put them somewhere in the middle. At the same time the refrigerator door - the worst place for this product.

8. A "bath" with vinegar (1 cup of vinegar and 3 cups of water) - and you can enjoy your favorite strawberry flavor longer.

9. All root vegetables, without exception, are better preserved if they are put on the wet sand and store in a cool place protected from sunlight place.

10. When cutting cheese, try a smaller touch him, because after touching in cheese can get the bacteria that reduce the shelf life of cheese.

11. Save the biscuits with a slice of fresh bread.

12. The greens a little pruning, put in water and packed in the package. Then put in the fridge.

13. milk operates generally the same as for the eggs. They always played the middle of the refrigerator.

14. Clean the fridge - is the alpha and omega. My it more often.

15. You can fill an empty plastic bottle of water with green onions and freeze it. Whenever you need a bow, you just thawed small amount, and the rest is sent back in the freezer. Very convenient.

16. Keep mushrooms in a paper bag, since plastic bags they accumulate all the moisture, because of which the mold is formed.

17. What about the fresh greens all winter? It's simple: place it with the olive oil in the freezer and use portions.

18. Raisins is preserved only in a glass jar. So they do not ssohnutsya.

19. Lettuce is only store in paper bags, because the latter is very well absorb moisture.

20. Fresh asparagus in the refrigerator for a week - it's real! Just put it in a glass of water and cover with a plastic bag.

Now, run to the kitchen to rescue our products! Are you with us?

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