Decorate your desk this tropical fruit. Learn how you can apply beautiful pineapple.

Pineapple long ago took pride of place on the holiday table. Even hard to imagine New Year without this exotic visitor. It's time to prepare for the upcoming feasts and learn how to choose a good fruit and nicely as possible to submit it to the festive table.

Ripe fruit should have the right shape, no damage and violation of the integrity of the skin. Also, it must have an intact "crown" from the leaves and stalk healthy. When buying a pineapple pay attention to the smell. It should be slightly sweet, but in any case not strong, as strong smell indicates the beginning of fermentation. Rind of the fruit must be dense. No smell, on the contrary, speaks of immature fruit. Buy unripe pineapple with the expectation that at home it ripen, it is useless.

Also, offers you an original and fast way to supply pineapples to the festive table.

This tropical fruit is not only delicious, but also has many useful properties. So he has to attend the New Year's table. And this supply of tropical fruit will take you a minimum of time and effort, but great grace the festival.

Show your friends how you can submit original pineapple for the festive table!

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