How to remove a toothache? With the simplest of means do you cope with this disaster!

Toothache - an unexpected and very unpleasant guest. Well, if this problem is not familiar to you. But it happens that the teeth - the weakest link in humans, are sensitive gums, cutting wisdom teeth. How to quickly correct the situation and get rid of the terrible feelings? Here are 7 ways to express that pain will be removed immediately. Such knowledge can be useful to any of us.

1. Against toothache help garlic, onion and salt. Take the components in equal amounts, grind to form a slurry and apply it to the sore tooth. Above you can put a cotton swab.

2. Dampen a cotton swab with oil fir and attach to the sore tooth or inflamed gum for 10-15 minutes. After 1, 5-2 hours can be repeated.

3. From a toothache will massage hands in the place where the bones of the thumb and index finger. Massaging should be the opposite hand on the side where the tooth aches. Massage intensifies, circular movements for 5-10 minutes.

4. Alleviate toothache help massage a certain point. Find a point which is located in a hollow on the upper lip. Intense pressure on her index finger to help the pain subside.

5. In order to soothe the pain, apply to the cheek ice pack, wrapped in a towel.

6. Rinse Take 5-6 drops of iodine and a teaspoon of salt. Dissolve in a glass of water and rinse the aching tooth.

7. A good helper for pain may be valerian tincture or camphor alcohol. Put it on the tooth a cotton ball soaked in this or tincture. This will soothe the pain.

Of course, the need to monitor the health of their teeth and visit the dentist regularly. But if the toothache you will surprise surprise - now you know what to do.

Emergency assistance to hurry home to your friends! Tell them how to remove a toothache - it is useful to know.

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