6 ways to use coffee for health and beauty. The best remedy you can imagine!

An unforgettable taste and smell of coffee makes it the favorite hot drink of millions of people. It is not strange, it's great tones and invigorates. Besides the fact that the coffee will improve your general condition and mood, it can also improve the appearance of your skin. Coffee is also a wonderful tool for strengthening hair.

It is no secret that in recent years, many nutritionists say the useful properties of coffee. Moreover, to the amazing quality of coffee beans started looking even beauticians. Therefore we give you 6 indisputable facts that make you use coffee for health and beauty.

1. Coffee against bruises and bags under the eyes.

Coffee - a good vasodilator product so it can be used as eliminate bags under the eyes. However, here you useful organic coffee. It needs to cook and to cool, the sugar in the coffee to mix not. Forever apply nourishing cream and let it soak. Next, soak the coffee already ostuzhennoy cotton pads, put them in the eye, and then 15-20 minutes Hold the compress. In addition, coffee can also be for some time to spare not only bags, but also from bruises under his eyes.

2. Coffee - the best body scrub at all times.

It is well known that caffeine tones the skin, improves blood circulation, stimulates many physiological and biochemical processes in the body, such as the breakdown of fats. Moreover, caffeine activates the cell metabolism (that is priceless for those who want to look young) and lymph flow. Therefore, it is part of many anti-cellulite. Prepare effective and you can scrub at home: Simply mix 1 ch. L. olive oil or water for 1 hour. L. organic coffee. It is better to do it with olive oil, because then you kill two birds: the skin and cleaned and moisturized.

3. Coffee helps to improve the complexion.

Studies have shown that coffee improves complexion, reduces wrinkles and fights clogged pores. To make an effective mask, add a glass of fresh milk 3 hours. L. ground coffee. Massage movements put this mixture on the face and neck and leave for 20 minutes. Then wash away all the warm water. The skin will be soft and silky, like a baby!

4. Coffee makes you happy.

Data from the National Institutes of Health show that those who drink three or more cups of organic coffee a day, 10% less prone to depression than those who did not consume this drink. In fact, there is nothing to be surprised: all thanks to antioxidants, which are contained in this fragrant miracle.

5. More coffee - less stress.

It is able to find out, scientists at Seoul National University. The experiments were conducted on rats. Animals that have experienced stress due to ill health and lack of sleep, gave a sniff coffee beans. What was a surprise to scientists, when they noticed that after the changes occur at the level of the proteins of the brain responsible for stress. However, this applies only to the stress caused by insomnia.

6. Coffee - the best friend of healthy hair.

It's no secret that coffee - it's a great natural dye. However, if you have blond or red hair, the use of coffee masks should be deleted. But brunettes hair mask with coffee will be just right, because coffee is not only cares for the hair and scalp, but also freshens dark hair. In addition, coffee is excellent shine to even the most lackluster and "dead" hair.

So from now on you'll be taken not only as a coffee drink. It is a universal tool for health and beauty must necessarily be in your house. Truly a great product for the body and for the soul!

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