10 tips for a delicious guidance impeccable cleanliness in the house.

In every house there are many places that require a lot of effort to clean them. But you want to clean the house shone. Now you stop suffer with cleaning the most inaccessible and complicated places in your apartment, because we have collected for you 10 brilliant household tips that will help you remove such dirt, which is almost impossible to handle!

1. Blinds

cope with the dust on the blinds will help you a regular sock. Put him on the arm and held on the surface. If dust is cleaned off, soak it in a solution of water and vinegar (1: 1).

2. Bath

Mould with seams in the bathroom can be removed by using cellulose wadding soaked in bleach. Spread it around the perimeter of the bathroom and leave it overnight. In the morning wash away the remnants of bleach, and you will see the shining surface.

3. Boxes

Arrange space and drawers help you egg boxes and molds for cakes. All fines will be on hand.

4. WC

Clean the toilet, you can use Coca-Cola. Pour it in a circle, leave for an hour and wash off with a brush.

5. Shower and taps

Remove plaque from the taps and shower will help lemon and gloves. Just wipe the shiny surface of half a lemon.

6. Microwave

To remove dried mud from the microwave, fill a glass of vinegar and water (1: 1). Then put it in the microwave and turn it on for 5 minutes. Then take away the glass and just wipe the surface.

7. Cooler

Food film will help you maintain the cleanliness on the shelves in the refrigerator. It's easy to clean or simply replace the new.

8. Grill on the plate

Remove the chronic fat on the grill, you can use ammonia. Put the grid in a plastic bag and add 2-3 tablespoons of ammonia. After 12 hours, wash it.

9. Car fan

Take a brush with a sponge and a little vinegar, so you'll be able to penetrate even the smallest corners.

10. Carpets

Use iron, glass cleaner and a piece of old cloth to remove stubborn stains on the carpets. Sprinkle the stain cleaner, put on top of the fabric and iron. Repeat until the complete removal of stains.

With these tips you can bring cleanness in his house. Do not forget to use these tips at the next general cleaning!

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