These cookies will melt the heart of anyone who tries it. Incredibly delicious recipe!

Before you is a recipe oatmeal cookies, which can be easy to prepare, when the mood. It is much better than purchased, moreover, treat surely enjoy your family and friends. Once you learn how to taste these cookies, you will want to treat them to the whole world! Make sure you have all the necessary ingredients, and get to cooking.

You'll need:

oatmeal ("Hercules", not flakes noodles); 160 g sugar; 100 g of oil; 1 egg yolk; 25 g flour; 1 h. liter. (no slides) of baking powder. How to prepare:

1. Emptying the combine oatmeal with knives and Peremel, but not too small.



2. Add remaining ingredients, yolk and melted butter.


3. Kneaded in a food processor or with a spoon until a soft dough sticky state.


4. Cover the pan with baking paper. Measuring spoon or take a mixture of normal and lepi of her balls. Spread them away from each other (as in the picture).


5. Bake at 200 degrees for 10-12 minutes. First, the cookies should rise, and after baking - fall in. Cool a few minutes. You can eat. Bon appetit!


Having prepared once this cookie, you are no longer going to buy it in the store. After all, for a short time, without spending a lot of effort, you get an incredibly fragrant and delicious homemade oatmeal cookies. You will like it!

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