30 most fashionable swimsuits fused to all shapes and sizes.

The beach season can be considered officially open, and that means it's time to run to the shops to buy your swimsuit for the summer holidays at sea. Select this important article of clothing should be very closely, because the properly selected swimsuit can fully transform you. .cc made for you a selection of the 30 most fashionable swimsuits fused this season, thanks to which you will become the queen of the beach!

1. Sea theme

2. Just right for the Côte d'Azur

3. Spectacular swimsuit with open back

4. Peas are always in fashion

5. Leotard with lace

6. Jungle theme

7. Swimsuit with print as a beach

8. Cute ruffles

9. Swimsuit fashion turquoise with an open back and ruffles

10. Asymmetry with a stylish belt

11. Very stylish bar

12. Red attracts attention

13. Beautiful swimsuit olive

14. Swimsuit-transformer

15. This swimsuit you'll be the most beautiful girl on the beach

16. Swimsuit for lovers of vertical bars

17. Leotard with fringe

18. Swimsuit with unusual necklines

19. Vintage Swimsuit

20. Leotard with the skirt a little

21. Leotard with mesh and a hood

22. The classic combination of black and white

23. Stylish and discreet enough swimsuit

24. Simple, but very sexy

25. Swimsuit with leopard trim

26. Bright colorful swimsuit for girls

27. Charming swimsuit with a serrated finish

28. Rich Emerald

29. Swimsuit for the most daring

30. Another combination of black and white

As you can see, in this collection there are swimsuits for every taste and for every figure. Choose your favorite model and run to the store to try them!

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