The secret power of feminine energy. It is the source of success of any man!

Not all marrying Lieutenant, make him a general. What is the secret of strong, successful in all aspects of women who got on life as if by magic? And this is not necessarily connected with the external beauty, but many are accustomed to consider this factor is a measure of female success. There are not very interesting, but in its own attractive women, who not only managed to create a strong family, but also to succeed in a career. And that is very important: with them is a man, whose name you always want to say, as if it is written in capital letters. It is believed that everything can be explained very simply ... Level of wellbeing woman and her partner measured the level of female energy, which it has.

And what kind of female energy? According to the Vedas, harmonious woman - the most powerful being who controls everything that happens in the material and immaterial world. harmony needed for 3 components: a healthy, well-groomed physical body; psychic energy, due to which there is an internal appeal to the people and the spiritual essence of the woman, her inner purity. Modern lifestyle woman forced to adapt to new conditions, be as strong as a man, to take over many of his duties. From this seriously affected the feminine: it is not surprising that prolonged stress and constant stress causes many women to infertility. A woman should always keep in mind their nature, love yourself and take care of, to make up the lost energy. Only harmony will lead it to a successful life, and make a man seeking to close to success.

In ancient times it was believed that each element gives the woman a certain energy. Water - intuition, feminine and soft, earth - the wisdom of the fire - the passion, and the air - mobility of mind and insight. The secret is to keep in balance the elements gifts. Do not be too soft and malleable, too smart, too passionate. Do not be angry, unpleasant and tough man, endlessly reproached her husband. The rule of the golden mean acts here could not be better: a female person who is able to balancing em>, do not go too far and not to cave in - that's the image of a successful woman. Such afford everything, and due to the fact that energy is a beautiful woman is in harmony, it is really happy. And it may help someone to be happy!

The path to harmony every woman her, but many successful ladies notice that the best way to recover energy - to be alone with him. Learn something new, necessary for development in different spheres. So, what is needed and the body and the soul. Understand themselves and can only take a wise woman, this should strive for. Then the inner fullness draw in women's lives of people who crave a positive energy and fullness, especially like worthy men. Glowing from inner harmony woman incredibly attractive and able to share his gift with magnetic partner. Inspired him self-confidence, she turns Lieutenant General quietly to himself.

The internal state - something which is of your outside world. If you feel good inside, too, will happen only good. It sounds simple. But if you think about it, all human life is to come to a state of harmony and enjoy it. And this is the great work!

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