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On publication of the magazine has grown five generations of the Russian scientific and technical intelligentsia. On the pages of "TM" were almost all of the outstanding Russian scientists, experts, heads of production, from the venerable Ivan Pavlov, Nikolay Zelinsky, Pyotr Kapitsa, Anatoly Alexandrov completely unknown to Sergei Korolev, Victor Glushkov, Igor Kurchatov, Ivan Artobolevskogo.I if at first Journal task was to give young readers the basics of scientific and technical knowledge, it is then - to get acquainted with the latest developments in science and technology, industry, medicine and agriculture. And yet - to raise an innovator, unconventional thinking person defending his point of view; learn to think creatively, look beyond the horizon of existing knowledge. No wonder many representatives of the Russian intellectual elite have always considered that they were brought up to the publication "TM." "TM" the first in the country began to talk about domestic and achievements in the field of military equipment. But its main advantage - the disclosure of the enormous potential of scientific and technical ideas and specific proposals, projects, accumulated over decades of work with a unique readership.


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