How to grow a happy child: 13 tips for caring parents.

Nothing is more important for parents than to raise a healthy and happy offspring. First and foremost, every family must be harmony. We have prepared thirteen helpful tips for moms and dads who are actually very simple, but very practical. Do not forget about these principles of education, and you will grow up happy and confident children!

1. Always start with yourself. Try to relax, get enough sleep, eat healthy, do sports. Primarily Give your children a right example.

2. Watch your own emotions. Do not bring themselves to stress and emotional breakdowns. Try to take a sober look at things and be calm.

3. If a child misbehaves, then regarded his behavior as a desire to prove or to convey some message to adults. Most likely, it is not enough attention from parents, care and love.

4. Do not constantly remind him about his shortcomings. No comparison with other children should not be. It can lower self-esteem offspring. Focuses on the dignity of the child, to help him in achieving the objectives.

5. If you want the child to respect your requests and desires, then respect and his.

6. Take your child just the way it is. Do not try to change it completely. Do not break his life, he has to choose on their liking and to be who he wants to be.

7. Talk with your child in a calm tone. Do not yell at him.

8. criticism or praise the actions of the child, not his own. For example, do not say "You are bad," and "You did poorly in this case».

9. Look into the eyes of a child during a conversation.

10. Lead the child that he is an important part of the family. Give him small tasks, make him feel useful.

11. increases self-esteem of the child to the sensible limits.

12. vaccinate your child accountable for their actions and their choices.

13. Grow a child in love, harmony and caring.

If you want your child to be confident, happy and able to enjoy life, take adopt these principles.

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