7 unusual ways to use tea bags. Yes this is just brilliant!

Tea - a wonderful drink, taste who wants to enjoy more than once. Normally, using a bag, we hasten to send it to the trash without even thinking about the fact that it can be used to save money, time and effort. How? Just use it for other purposes! If you are home brewed tea bags, do not rush to throw them away - to get acquainted with our tips try to put them into practice!

1. Seasoning the meat

Improperly cooked meat turns out very hard. For soft and juicy enough to marinate the meat, using a tea bag. In this case, the dish turns spicy and very tasty.

2. Removing the redness from the eyes

From lack of sleep in the morning swollen eyes and blush. And if you cry all night, but in the morning you need to look like a doll - Wet 2 bags of ice water and attach them to the eyes as a compress. Tea helps rejuvenate the skin, relieve redness and swelling, gives the eyes a beautiful shine.

4. Universal cleaner

Few people know, but the tea quickly and effectively combats pollution and grease on the mirrors, laminate, linoleum, parquet and wooden furniture. Just do not forget to wipe the surface dry. Otherwise spots will have on tea.

5. Creativity

Using glue, scissors, paper and a little imagination out of the ordinary tea bag can make original articles. This idea is especially pleasant to children.

6. Help in case of problems in the mouth

If you have a small mouth sores or ulcers, something to help them heal more quickly, you can use the tea bag. Soak the bag in the water and bit his teeth so that the tea fell on the sore spots. This will help relieve pain and speed healing of the skin.

7. Fertilizer plant

Used bags can be an excellent fertilizer for your houseplants, it is enough to simply mix the tea leaves to the ground.

You're at home or in the office certainly have tea bags. Try to use them as fertilizer or tools for cleaning surfaces. If you have a proven and unusual way to use tea bags - share them in the comments and do not forget to tell your friends about it!

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