11 dogs, who have no idea where it came from this whole mess. They find it hard not to believe!

Dogs are so attached to their owners, when those not at home, the dogs sometimes blows the roof. They have to amuse themselves on their own ... The course is anything that gets in your eyes ... collected dirt on furry pets. But it seems that these chetyrehlapye pranksters have no idea what happened in the house while the owner was not at home. Just look at those innocent eyes, it's hard not to believe!

«I swear, it just exploded ...» i>

Photo: Reddit: KiteTales

«I have not seen or heard nothing. I do not know anything! » I>

Photo: Reddit: tslout

«Pfff ... Of course, I do not know who broke the toilet paper! All the while I was lying there with his favorite bone ». I>

Photo: Reddit: NickVo

«It's ... It's not my ...» i>

Photo: Reddit: alexxlea

«I swear, I've shocked just like you ...» i>

Photo: Reddit: cajun_kidATL

«When I walked into the room, it was all there, I swear!» i>

Photo: Reddit: iwillthinkaboutit

«I have something on the face ??? I have no idea what are you talking about! » I>

Photo: Reddit: GameGenie710

«Garbage? What a waste? I did love you, you know about it?! » I>

Photo: Reddit: Zwonix

«Man, I sure do not want to be in the place of the dog, which arranged this whole mess ...» i>

Photo: Reddit: 1890s_kid

«I literally have no idea what just happened ...» i>

Photo: Imgur

«I just took a bath, I swear!» i>

Photo: Reddit: balbuzard09

Next time, when you leave home, make sure your dog has something to do, and it will not be bored! Show these to tears funny pictures of your friends!

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