Without humor in hospital can not do! 20 funny surprises from the merry men in white coats.

Every day, physicians are faced with many serious and not very disease. Sometimes they have to inform patients about the unpleasant news. In such a busy schedule without humor just can not do! It is necessary to somehow relax amid all the hustle and bustle ... This is the funniest 20 undertakings from cheerful doctors. With these patients, a long time waiting for their turn, just do not get bored!

Internet has penetrated even into the registry.

He just knew in advance what he will ask fans fuel.

I please cheburek meat!

And the same crutches on the head!

It looks like an invitation to the amusement park.

Receive Elf holds the highest category.

Warning for generous ...

This message displays fully the mentality of our people.

I know you have not mastered.

After all, only Internet Explorer can understand the medical records ...

But just in case you need to be safe.

No mulligans do not!

Just over the hospital provides comfortable ...

Commodity-money relations and get here!

Go for once looking at your leisure.

Captain Obvious in touch!

Everything in life must be earned! The stark reality of hospital ...

Nietzsche died. © shoe covers

How it's cute! That does not make for the sake of favorite patients ...

And please contact "Your Majesty¬Ľ!

These all perfectly serious people with a sense of humor! Be sure to show the paradoxes of the sick people in white coats your friends. I am sure they will appreciate the art hospital joke!

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