And what if the moon were in place other planets? Thanks to the wonderful photos is easy to ...

"What if ..." - probably one of the most popular questions for humanity. This time, we wondered how the night sky would look like if, instead of the moon satellite of the Earth were the other planets of the solar system. Let's for a moment put aside thoughts of gravity and climate change, and just dream up with a graphical editor.

So you have not forgotten it - the Moon. And usually in the night sky looks like a full moon. B>

But the night sky with the moon, instead of Mercury. In general, the size of the two celestial bodies are almost identical, so that changes very noticeable. B>

The Red Planet - Mars - more than the Moon, and its glow would give to Earth some zloveschest night.

A friend of Mars - Venus - the planet is very bright due to its atmosphere, because the night of Venus would be bright as the day.

The mysterious blue glow reminiscent of Neptune's nightlight in the nursery. Is not it cozy? B>

But Uranus. It is lighter than the surface of Neptune, and "cleaner». B>

Saturn - the planet is large and is certainly very beautiful. Perhaps childhood dream of racing around the ring of Saturn would acquire tangible outlines. B>

The giant Jupiter in size 40 times larger than the moon. Just imagine that instead of the usual stars you could enjoy its landscape, because it is almost completely closed to the sky. B>

But maybe it's good that our planet has got a satellite of the moon. The fundamental laws of the universe are perfect in their accuracy - agreed, as a calmer and safer to look at distant stars, without fear that such a big man, such as Jupiter, tightly latched on to our Earth itself its enormous gravitational force. And, of course, no one has canceled a romantic walk in the moonlight. So fantasize - and that's enough.

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