16 evidence that cats also know how to love. Look at these pictures!

Some people believe that cats, unlike dogs, are not very loyalty and affection to the person. But this statement does not agree the majority of cat owner. After all, in fact, cats can also be very affectionate animals that are so fond of their owners. Cat and people can be very good friends! Just look at these pictures - and you yourself see everything.

1. This cat loves his master-cleaning pools that even goes with him to work. B>

2. After this man's wife died, his cat is always with him. B>

3. Cat's like this girl features in development - she just loves it. B>

4. Why not read a newspaper in the morning together? B>

5. What a sweet couple! B>

6. This unusual cat just went to an elderly woman in the street. And since then, they - do not pour water! B>

7. Young children in the house - even the test for pets. But cats, like dogs, are usually kids with patience and forbearance. B>

8. Mistress was not at home for a long time, and the cat went to look for her. B>

9. Inmate Richard Amaro took part in a program for homeless cats. B>

10. Complete harmony! B>

11. What could be nicer? B>

12. Two old man ... 17 years for a cat - not a joke! B>

13. Warmth and comfort. B>

14. The cat will stay with her until the end. B>

15. Excellent company. B>

16. The beauty, and only! B>

No matter how proud and independent cats do not seem to have tried, they still love us, their masters. No wonder they say that these animals feel pain and sorrow, and often try to heal and comfort us when we are ill. I do not know about you, but I can not live without her cat!

Share these lovely photos with friends - among them certainly there is a lot of cat owner!

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